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Ideal for very fast moving scenarios, Soliton’s DataLogger allows high speed frame video capture of objects that need a very quick data capture rate to ensure no detail is missed. It can shoot 4 cameras simultaneously at the same object, or 4 different scenes simultaneously, allowing up to 2000 shots per second

Ideal for very fast moving scenarios

While images on TV programs are at 30fps generally, Soliton DataLogger can record images at VGA at over 500fps with USB 3.0 cameras of Ximea or Toshiba –Teli brands.  Also by reducing Region of interest images of over 1000fps can be recorded with Toshiba-Teli cameras.

Key features

Recording Simultaneously with up to 4 Cameras – Soliton DataLogger can connect up to 4 cameras and record 4 scenes simultaneously, which enables shooting an object from multiple angles or shooting multiple objects simultaneously.

Apps for Recording/Replaying Data – With recording/replaying apps, you can check the recorded data at various replay speeds, as well as you can set or control the camera for recording in detail.  Moreover, you can synchronize and check replaying images taken simultaneously.

Long-Time Recording – Approximately one hour of recording time at VGA 500fps at longest, which enables observing an object for a long time.


Soliton DataLogger is an ideal system for the following:

Research and Development – Observations and measuring experiments of dropping, turning, trembling, crashing, osmosing, vibration, metallic fatigue, breakdown phenomenon, molecular binding and separation, chemical reaction, quality judgement, high – speed quality check, biological reaction, micro phenomenon, metamorphosis evolution of animal or insect, ecdysis etc.

Areas –  medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, engineering, chemical, automotive, aeronautical, transport, biological etc.

Supported cameras

Brand Model No. Size /Pixel Speed
XIMEA MQ003CG-CM VGA(640×480) 500fps
XIMEA MQ003MG-CM VGA(640×480) 500fps
Toshiba-Teli BU238MC/MCF WUXGA(1920×1200) 165fps
Toshiba-Teli BU238M WUXGA(1920×1200) 165fps

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