The secured platform for multi-tenant cloud services

The Multi-tenant Cloud Application Platform

The Soliton Cloud Application Platform is the next generation cloud run-time platform allowing easy deployment and operation of multi-tenant cloud services and cross-platform apps with a high level of security.


Multi-tenancy platform with built-in scaling and high availability, and enforced end-to-end security, so you can focus on providing business value to your customers.

Support for the DevOps practice of delivering in small increments. So you can bring new business value to your customers, at a quick pace.

Develop your apps once, and run securely on all client platforms - both mobile and PCs and Macs. No requirement to have developers with specific knowledge about iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

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We supply the platform components

  • Generic clients with HTML5/JavaScript runtime, for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux – with GUI or headless (for IoT projects)
  • Gateway server, delivered as Docker image, for deployment in a DMZ zone
  • Application server, delivered as Docker image, with automatic deployment of node.js services, also running in Docker containers, with no sharing of containers between tenants
  • Database server, delivered as Docker image, with automatic deployment of MongoDB instances, also running in Docker containers, with no sharing of containers between tenants

… and you develop the apps

  • HTML5/JavaScript apps, for automatic deployment inside the generic clients. Develop once, run on all client platforms
  • Node.js services, for automatic deployment on the app servers

We offer

Your private instance of the whole Soliton Cloud Application Platform, and close cooperation and optional customization, to ensure that the platform fulfils your requirements.

You get:

  • The multi-tenant, scalable, geographically distributable server side with all the security features
  • Clients with all the security features and your branding, for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux (more platforms can be supported, on request)
  • Operations and hosting by us or by your own team

Application stack supported by the Soliton Cloud Application Platform

Client side

Primarily HTML5 / JavaScript / TypeScript for GUI components and pure JavaScript / TypeScript for background processing, but with options for extending with C++ based components.

Server side

Primarily Node.js, but with options for adding any linux based services.


Built-in support for MongoDB, but other databases can be used.


Security challenges addressed by the Soliton Cloud Application Platform

Challenges on the client side:

  • Spoofing of user identity through
 stolen password
  • User getting access to unauthorized services or data
  • User copying company data to private apps and services
  • Attacks on unpatched local
data processing code
  • Stealing 
of data from lost devices
  • Spoofing of device identity
  • Enrollment of trojan devices
  • Breaking of weak communication encryption

Challenges on the server side:

  • Attacks from malicious tenants towards other tenants
  • Stealing of server side data
  • Spoofing of service identity


Engineered for DevOps

  • Extensive use of Docker for easy deployment of all components
  • Automated deployment and updating of HTML5 / JavaScript apps and node.js services
  • Develop and test on the same runtime as in staging and in production
  • Architecture that supports testability


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