Securely access company applications from any PC


G/On provides employees, contractors or partners with highly secure access to RDP, Citrix or web applications from home PCs or non corporate owned PCs.

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G/On is a remote access solution that works with any Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

G/On provides employees, contractors or partners with highly secure access to RDP, Citrix or web applications from home PCs or non-corporate owned PCs, without the need for a VPN. The solution is a single, easy to manage application which can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity involved in enabling remote flexible working.

Reduced Cost

G/On works with entry level laptops, older equipment, and home PCs. There is no need to provide high-end laptops with a VPN and a security stack that is costly, both to purchase and to manage.

Maximum Flexibility

G/On connects users to any IT system including Remote Desktop (RDP), Citrix, Terminal Services, directly to your PC in the office, VMWare, Intranet or Web Applications. G/On can be deployed as a software client or as a full bootable USB stick for maximum mobility.


Unlike traditional VPN tunnels, G/On’s client/server architecture creates a protected connection between a client proxy and a server proxy that isolates the PC from the network ensuring that all data stays inside the company network.
The optional G/On 2FA bootable USB token provides a locked down OS build and disables the local hard drive to prevent data leakage or attack from malware.

Easy to Use

Users sign in once to G/On, which authenticates the user and the optional G/On 2FA USB token. Applications are then accessed through a simple G/On menu which is dynamically published from the server.

G/On unique secure flexible working

  • Highly Secure (used by Governments and Military)
  • Unlike traditional VPN-based solutions, G/On does not make a remote PC part of the network
  • G/On connects users virtually to their applications through their office PC or their virtualized desktop. G/On uses Lock2Process to prevent third–party applications access
  • No business data leaves the corporate network or is stored on the user’s PC or USB token


Download the product sheet

  • Secure access from home PC
  • Users only need a small USB token
  • Control access for contractors and partners
  • Reduce IT spend with no VPN
  • Prevent local storage of sensitive data

G/On - Flexible working without compromising security

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