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Soliton systems manufactures live video streaming solutions for use with mobile surveillance. The Smart-telecaster (STC) Zao range of products enables body cams and other external mobile cameras to live stream an encrypted video stream back to a command and control center. By using the latest compression techniques of H.265 HEVC, the Zao and Zao-S products support multiple SIM cards that can be bonded together for concurrent transmission over multiple mobile operators. They are highly reliable, have low latency and give broadcast quality video. They are fully ONVIF compliant.


The STC products from Soliton are used globally by many law enforcement agencies.  From special operations of secure video from a body-worn cam in real-time, or to public safety requirements where an event needs to be monitored, or to pursuits with GPS, or live streaming from a drone – in all these situations secure mobile live video can give an instant real-time perspective of any operational or critical situation.

Emergency First Responders

The ability to securely live stream for an emergency situation such as a fire fighter or from a fire truck allows a commanding officer back in the control room to make better informed real time decisions. The ability to live stream both day light cameras and thermal imagery provides invaluable planning through indication of hot spots and danger zones to enable a remote commander to coordinate resource on the ground.


Protecting public infrastructure is better enabled by complementing existing fixed surveillance cameras with mobile and temporary cameras.  Airports, public transport and freight can be better protected with secure live video streaming from either body cams, vehicles, drones or other transportation systems.  It is possible to combine live streaming with GPS and mapping information.

Benefits of Soliton's Smart Telecaster solutions include:

  • Secure, encrypted live streaming. The 4G bonding system provides secure communication as live, compressed video transmissions are distributed between multiple cellular networks back to a command and control centre.
  • Fast, low latency transmissions that can displayed on existing ONVIF compliant Video Management Systems (VMS) or on Soliton’s own CloudView system.
  • Light (400g) and robust.
  • Latency as low as 240ms.
  • Integration within the command room’s eco-system including thermal imagery, AI layers, geo-mapping and facial recognition.
  • Highly reliable – can operate in the most challenging of conditions or congested networks.

About Soliton Systems


We develop innovative technology for IT security, remote live broadcasting and special unique embedded solutions.

Since 1979 as a leading Japanese technology company serving many industries across the globe, Soliton has pioneered IT security solutions for protecting company data from external IT security threats, and more recently delivered on the first mobile H265 HEVC solution for the live broadcasting market. Soliton continues to innovate in many markets and our products continue to grow and innovate with a strong emphasis on Research & Development to serve an ever-changing world.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan our current CEO and founder, Dr. Nobuo Kamata has been a technology-oriented leader and pioneer for over 30 years.

Word from the Ceo and founder
Dr. Nobuo Kamata

“Uniquely create competitive e-markets for backward-compatible technologies. Authoritatively morph efficient networks via bleeding-edge results. Completely drive markets via quality e-business. Progressively plagiarize enterprise strategic.

Seamlessly reinvent worldwide potentialities before enterprise quality vectors. Rapidiously impact interdependent initiatives via an expanded array.”

Company profile

  • Experts in live broadcasting & IT security
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Stable Transmissions
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • More than 2000 premium brand customers

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