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Soliton Systems works with a partner network and provides technical and product-related support to suppliers and partners worldwide.

End users should contact their reseller for support. Partners can raise support with their Soliton technical account manager or directly on:

Soliton Systems’ service contracts provide partners with technical support, new software versions, firmware upgrades and the possibility to return failing hardware. Trained engineers will handle all requests and find appropriate solutions for every problem. Our comprehensive ticketing system will make sure all enquires are tracked and dealt with quickly. For more information please contact us.

Smart-telecaster ZAO and Zao-S operation confirmed modem list

  1. Supported version: Smart-telecaster Zao v2.0.1(1096) and Zao-S v3.2.0(2071)
  2. All modem combinations are not guaranteed. Although posted the version that checked the operation, due to version upgrade of the firmware, the modem may not operate.
  3. If do not recognize it even when you connect the modem at startup or after startup, please reconnect the unrecognized modem.
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