Zao Cloud View

Cloud View for Receiving Viewing and Recording Live Streams in the Cloud

Soliton’s Zao Cloud View is a receiving platform that is used to receive, decode, display and record live streams from Soliton’s mobile surveillance products. Cloud View enables live streams to be viewed on other devices such as workstations, laptops, tablets, iPads and smartphones in real time in a standard browser. Any device using a browser can view video either in HQ or remotely in the field. Soliton’s mobile surveillance products include the Zao, Zao-S and Zao Android App and can live stream fully encrypted. Cloud View can be used with a map to display real-time video with the use of GPS.

Cloud View can be provided as a hosted cloud service or it can be installed “On-Premise”.


Key features Zao Cloud View

  • Cloud View can be hosted by Soliton or installed “On-Premise”
  • Two versions: Cloud View Basic (Android) or Cloud View Premium (Zao-S)
  • Up to 12 live streams simultaneously
  • Up to 6 receiving clients via a standard browser on multiple devices
  • Fully encrypted
  • Map Integration via GPS+
  • Live streams can be recorded and archived for later retrieval
  • Intuitive and easy to use

The Cloud View Platform can be acquired in two different set-ups’ depending on the requirement:

SOL19031101_Product_Cloud View_laptop

Specifications ZAO Cloud View

Zao Cloud View Server

Fully Hosted by Soliton (subscription pricing) or can be installed “On Premise” (perpetual pricing model with 3 years support). Annual support can be extended after 3 years.

For On-Premise Only (hardware required):

Zao Android App

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