Zao - SH
Zao-SH – Ultra Low Latency Mobile Encoder
The Zao-SH is a small mobile encoder that can live stream video from a remote location back to any destination. But with an incredible glass-to-glass latency of only 35ms over LAN, or 65ms over 4G.

The Zao-SH is an H.265 HEVC encoder that can be used in a variety of video contribution scenarios from broadcast for news gathering to public safety, law enforcement and military application. It can be utilized to send an encrypted live stream from a broadcast or surveillance camera, drone, vehicle, body cam or helicopter.

The Zao-SH can send a fully encrypted live stream, but simultaneously a return data feed can be sent from the destination back to the Zao-S, for example to control a PTZ camera or to control a drone gimbal remotely.

The Zao-SH can live stream reliably over multiple bonded 4G SIM cards from different network providers, and /or can be utilized with a LAN connector.

At the receiving end, a Linux based software decoder will provide a video output of the live video. End to end latency starts at a remarkable 35ms.

Specifications Zao - SH
Zao-SH Specifications
• Utilizes RASCOW2 for optimization of video quality based on available bandwidth
  • New Uplink protocol updated from RASCOW for better performance
  • Multilink and Lower Latency
  • Fault tolerance mode – Lower Latency, but requires bandwidth
  • Load balancing mode – Slightly Longer Latency, requires less bandwidth
• Ultra Low Latency
  • Glass to Glass 35ms latency at minimum
• Encrypted live streaming over multiple bonded 4g SIM cards and /or LAN port
• Support Serial Tunneling - return feed for serial control eg PTZ or drone gimbal
• New GPU Decoder
  • Newly Linux based decoder
  • 1 Channel Receiver /Planning for 4 Channel
  • Required Ubuntu workstation:
    • HP Z4G4 + NVIDIA RTX4000 (+BMD Decklink Pro 8K)
  • Point to Point connection (no cloud subscription required)
  • Decoder must have fixed IP address
  • UDP port :TBD (current version is same as Zao-S)
Ultra Low Latency Performance
Serial Control
  • Support Serial Tunneling
  • Same implementation as Zao-S and HDView
  • Remote control use case

PTZ Camera

Drone Gimbal

Remote Driving (Actuator for connected car)

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