End of Life Announcement SecureContainer – DME

Soliton stops the support for SecureContainer – DME

From December 2020, Soliton’s SecureContainer – DME will be discontinued and will no longer receive new software updates or functionalities. We would like to explain to you why, and what your options are if you are using SecureContainer – DME.
Since the launch of our first SecureContainer – DME, technology has developed at an exponential pace. Due to this transformation, we at Soliton have continued to deliver new functions through software updates. We are proud of the fact that we make solutions that last a long time and are still used by our customers. However, we have now come to the point that SecureContainer – DME has reached its limits in terms of performance, features and functionalities.

From December 31, 2020, SecureContainer – DME will officially reach End of Life and will no longer receive software updates or new functions. Without new software updates, access to services and the overall performance and functionality of SecureContainer – DME will expire over time.

We have announced MailZen as the successor product.