SecureContainer – DME

A single app for secure mobile access to all business data and applications

SecureContainer – DME provides complete and secure separation of business and personal data on a mobile device and/or tablet. Organisations can deliver business mobility services to employees without the need to manage and control mobile devices.
DME has a 1-app-does-all-approach. It only uses one single app with no need to manage multiple applications. All business data is encrypted and stored in the secure container as if the data has never left the organisation.


Keep data safe with the single app and prevent it being used in personal applications

  • Prevent users from copying or sharing sensitive data
  • Embeds certificate-based device authentication and Single Sign On using AD, LDAP
  • All data is encrypted in the container to keep data safe when leaving the container


Prevent data leakage between applications by separating business from personal information

  • DME fully separates personal data from business data
  • DME keeps all business apps and data stored in the encrypted container at all times


Secure your company data on mobile devices from becoming an entry vector for malware

  • DME detects rooted or jailbroken devices
  • DME protects corporate data in the secure container from malware on the device
  • DME enables remote wiping of the DME or full device


Know exactly what company data and how users are accessing this data on their mobile devices

  • The management console provides total visibility and full control of mobile devices
  • Enforce separate policies for different user groups, BYOD and corporate owned devices
  • Ensure users can only store, view and edit files within the secure container


Prevent company data being copied on lost or stolen devices and control the DME application

  • The IT-administrator can manage the app of business owned devices and BYOD; lock and wipe the secure container remotely
  • The enforcement of password controls can be done by the IT-administrator
  • The IT-administrator can manage the MDM settings and provide users tools to do a remote wipe, lock the device and clear the password


Increase the Data Leakage Prevention Security and prevent the leakage of login and password information

  • Add an extra layer of security with Single Sign On login using AD password, unlock pattern or touch ID
  • Add more security with the single app container provided with DME
  • Configure the DME app with policies and certificates allowing users to access email, PIM, intranet, file shares and other corporate web applications
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Complete separation of business and personal data:
All corporate data is securely stored inside the container on the user’s device, all personal data is stored on the device itself. Administrators control the interaction between the two types of data.

Data leakage prevention:
The container is encrypted with 128-bit AES-encryption; the corporate data cannot leak to the user’s device or the cloud.

Remote wipe:
Administrators can remotely wipe the secure container. This operation does not affect the users’ personal data on the mobile device.

No need to manage the device:
Administrators control the secure container and therefore need not to have full management control over the device (no mobile device management).

Single Sign On (SSO):
Authentication methods include username and password, swipe gesture, TouchID or FaceID.

No use of a Network Operations Centre (NOC):
SecureContainer – DME is an on-premises solution enabling organisations to be in full control. No third-party components are required. All encryption keys are generated within the solution.

No need for a VPN:
SecureContainer – DME creates one access route to the internal applications and uses internal DNS servers.

Central management console:
Offers IT administrators the possibility of enforcing policies, set user access roles, distribute and manage HTML5 apps, and application blocking.

Basic MDM functionalities embedded:
For additional security basic MDM functionalities such as enforcing password controls, remote blocking and detection of rooted or jailbroken devices is included.

SOTI MobiControl

With SOTI MobiControl and SecureContainer – DME, companies can implement any corporate mobility policy governing the use and security of mobile devices within the corporate network.

SOTI MobiControl provides key EMM functionality securing the device, its applications and content. The SecureContainer – DME adds additional security by encrypting corporate email, PIM and files inside the secure container. The integration of SOTI MobiControl and SecureContainer – DME enables companies to protect and control both the mobile device and the company data residing on it.

Integration with other Soliton products

The SecureBrowser establishes connections between a remote device and web-servers inside an organisation. It delivers secure access to document or website links received in emails

SecureContainer – DME is available for iOS and Android


DME Gateway and DME Connector
DME Client

Prevents the corporate servers to be Internet-facing. Data in transit between the gateway and the remote client is encrypted using HTTPS. The SecureGateway connects to one or more connectors providing the interaction with the internal Microsoft Exchange or IBM Notes collaboration servers. The gateway and the connectors are available for Microsoft Windows and selected Linux Distributions. Administrators have full control over user- and device access – not over the device itself.

the connector acts as a bridge (connector) between the DME gateway and the collaboration system(s) of choice. By connecting from the internal network to the DMZ only the connectors contribute to additional security.

Available on iOS and Android. End-users can download the app from the relevant app stores. Users connect the Client to the corporate servers, which requires the user to enter only one URL, an internal directory username and a valid password. After verification, a device certificate is generated for future device authentication. The secure container is created automatically.

Infrastructure SecureContainer - DME


All Soliton’s remote access solutions are designed based on the same principles

  • Mutual authentication between client and gateway creating a secure connection
  • Gateway protects the servers and the network from cyber-attacks and from unauthorized access
  • Gateway separates the client from the network, the remote device is never part of the network
  • Gateway exchanges information with the network and enables secure access to the network resources
  • Remote access client can be installed by end-user, no special rights required for PCs or Macs
  • User access is based on permission rules or Active Directory group membership

Customer Stories

Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say

Keeping sensitive business data safe is not only critical, but also a big challenge for many companies. One of the biggest finance-IT companies in Denmark, bankdata, faced the challenge on how to provide their employees secure access to business data and applications. Employees should have direct access to their most critical and often used office tools from any device, but at the same time they need a solution that does not force the IT-administrator to individually manage and control each device or application. Soliton’s SecureContainer – DME proved to be the suitable solution for bankdata.

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