Secure access to your enterprise network

Preventing data leakage is challenging for many companies. The fast growth of cloud services and BYOD has increased this risk even further. With SecureBrowser and SecureGateway, corporate web-based applications can be accessed securely without running the risk of data theft.

SecureBrowser is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS
  • Internet access with sandboxed browsing

    When users shut down the browser, all browser data is deleted. Automatically erasing of cache is also possible after a pre-set period.

  • No need for VPN

    The SecureBrowser creates one access route to the internal applications and uses internal DNS servers. Users can still use their personal browser for private reasons.

  • Usage log

    The SecureGateway logs all access attempts including details about which user, when and what resources are accessed by that user. It can integrate the logging with existing logging and monitoring systems.

  • Central management console

    Provides IT full control on settings, users and usage. IT administrators can control the access to other applications, prevent copy/paste/download of files or allow the download of files in a dedicated secure environment.

  • Built-in document viewer

    On Windows, iOS and Android devices, Microsoft Office-documents, PDF files, images and a selection of other files are displayed in a secure area and automatically deleted after shutting down the browser.

  • Comfortable browsing

    Including tab browsing for using multiple web pages, searching on the address bar, corporate common/ personal bookmark, copy/paste only possible inside the SecureBrowser, full screen and gesture control (iOS/Android)

  • Complementary to Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Companies using MDM solutions can push the SecureBrowser as the default mobile browser on devices for an extra layer of security


SecureFile enables the secure access, download and upload of files from a PC, mobile device or tablet to the internal file server via the secure browser. It does this by creating a web-based view on internal file repositories, like a Windows-server. SecureFile also enables a private file repository for each user.

Files stored in this area are automatically available on all the users’ devices for quick access or reference, without the need for an external cloud service. Using SecureFile, administrators remain in full control over the documents. SecureFile logs all access to files and records which user has downloaded what files and at what time. It can integrate the logging with existing logging and monitoring systems.

Integrating SecureFile does not require any changes to the internal servers, the access rights of the target server will be effective.

Specifications SecureBrowser
Integration with other Soliton products

NetAttest EPS

SecureBrowser can use digital certificates for strong authentication purposes. An integration with the NetAttest EPS-series adds an extra layer of security in the form of strong user- and/or device authentication. It provides the possibility to automatically populate the user’s logon name from the digital certificate preventing the user from using another identity while logging on.

Soliton's vision of Remote Access

All Soliton’s remote access solutions are designed based on the same principles;

  • Mutual authentication between client and gateway creating a secure connection

  • Gateway protects the servers and the network from cyber-attacks and from unauthorized access

  • Gateway separates the client from the network, the remote device is never part of the network

  • Gateway exchanges information with the network and enables secure access to the network resources

  • Remote access client can be installed by end-user, no special rights required for PCs or Macs

  • User access is based on permission rules or Active Directory group membership

Infographic_Remote access security
Customer Stories
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customer cases_DaimaruCo

Daimaru Co Ltd.

Daimaru Co Ltd. sells office supplies and equipment with stores all over the country. With a large external sales force Daimuru wanted to introduce BYOD to enable their sales force to remotely access company resources. Initially VPN was introduced but it was quickly discovered that many sales people did not take their laptop with them due to the restrictive nature of the company’s high-level security measures which limited them from accessing all company resources. Remote desktop was introduced as an alternative, however this solution was not widely accepted either. Read how SecureBrowser helped the Daimaru company introduce BYOD worry free….

customer cases_coop


CO-OP is a life insurance company with over 149 offices in Japan. In 2015 they started a ‘digitization’ project to have all products, services and customer data available for their sales teams online. This data contains highly sensitive customer information, data leakage prevention and assuring only employees with the right authorization can access the data were essential requirements of the implementation. Read why CO-OP chose Soliton’s NetAttest EPS and SecureBrowser…

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