NetAttest LAP One, LAP and LAP Manager

Secure the corporate network from unauthorized access

The NetAttest LAP network access control solutions, LAP One and LAP, act as a detector and blocker preventing unauthorized devices from using network resources. The NetAttest LAP series continuously scans all devices in the network by monitoring their ARP- and DHCP-requests and immediately notifies the IT administrator of an unknown device trying to connect to the network.

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  • Continuous scanning of devices
    The NetAttest LAP series continuously scans all devices in the network by monitoring their ARP- and DHCP-requests.
  • Features easy to set up operations
    The NetAttest LAP does not require any change to the network infrastructure and utilizes a simple 3-step configuration.
  • Learning mode
    Automatically detects all existing network devices, such as PCs, tablets, smartphones and IoT devices, and registers them to the whitelist. The whitelist supports manual modification and offers the possibility to export and import the whitelist from third party applications.
  • Self-registration
    Users of unregistered devices can be allowed to submit a request form to get access to the network. The request form is forwarded to the IT administrator who can add the device to the whitelist.
  • Automatic notification
    When a new device connects to the network, the IT administrator immediately receives an email notification and can allow the unknown device to connect to the network.
  • Jamming mode
    Set the NetAttest LAP series in jamming mode manually or automatically after a specified period. In jamming mode, the NetAttest LAP series blocks all unregistered devices from using the network resources. It isolates the unknown device by redirecting all network traffic originated from the unknown device to the NetAttest LAP.

    At the same time, the network traffic directed to the unknown device is redirected preventing it to communicate with any network resource. The redirected traffic can be ignored or forwarded to a configurable landing page for further inspection

Integration with other Soliton products

NetAttest LAP Manager

The NetAttest LAP can be integrated with the NetAttest LAP Manager which provides a central list of network events and advanced search- and filtering.

The NetAttest LAP Manager can manage 1,000 NetAttest LAP’s and allows to define management groups enabling settings to be applied to multiple NetAttest LAP units simultaneously.

It also includes a central repository for firmware allowing any firmware updates to be pushed to individual NetAttest LAP units.

Specifications Netattest LAP Series

NetAttest LAP One NetAttest LAP NetAttest LAP Manager
Form Factor N/A 19” rack server
Dimensions (W x D x H) 155 x 120 x 32 mm 443 x 407 x 44 mm
Network interface 10 / 100 / 1000 BASE-T x 2 port 10 / 100 / 1000 BASE-T x 4 port
Weight 0.24 kg 7.8 kg
Max. Mac addresses Detect and block: 512 devices
Detect only: 1,024 devices
Detect: 1024 devices in 4.096 VLANs N/A
VLAN support
Max. NetAttest LAP to monitor N/A Detect and Block: 512 devices 1,000 LAP devices
Max. power consumption 24VA 121 VA
Power supply AC 100 - 240 V
50 -60 Hz
Heating value 81.8 BTU/h, 20.6 kcal/h 412.8 BTU/h, 104.1 kcal/h, 121 W
Operating temperature 0°C – 40°C 0°C – 40°C
Operating humidity 20-80% 20-90%
Compliancy standard CE, FCC, VCCI (Class A), RoHs, PSE (power adapter) VCCI (Class A), RoHS, PSE (power cable)

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