Delivering a secure, encrypted and easy workspace. Without fear of data leakage. MailZen securely connects to many resources, on-premises or in the cloud.

MailZen devices

What does it have to offer you?

MailZen offers apps like e-mail, calendar, contact and task management. Also, secure downloading and local processing of company documents is allowed. Furthermore, MailZen stacks a secure web browser, so users can browse internal web servers. And with the camera your employees can securely scan and upload documents. MailZen bridges the gap between productivity and security!

Mobile workspace in one app

Users download the app from the App store or Google Play, activate the app and have immediate access to their company email, calendar, contacts, tasks, office documents and can even take pictures with the secure camera. They can access the intranet and any other network resource they need to do their daily work. All within the same app, using their own mobile device, online and offline.

  • Frictionless access to company email, calendar, contacts, content repositories and intranet sites.

  • Users have direct access to their most critical and often used office tools with the same rich user experience as with their mobile device.

  • Automatically authenticate users for all apps at once with single sign-on.

  • Viewing and editing of files, access to email and calendar and other business applications are all realized in the encrypted container.

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MailZen provides a user-friendly solution that can be applied in both COPE and BYOD settings. Employees, contractors and temps can use their own mobile device to access business critical data and applications. All corporate data is encrypted and placed in the secure container. No additional applications or solutions are required. Employees can securely access emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, documents, a browser and the camera through the container app while protecting their privacy.

MailZen provides secure access through the container app to the following;

  • Camera

  • Mail

  • Contacts

  • Notes

  • Calender

  • Browser

  • Scanner

  • Documents

  • Tasks

More benefits;

  • Easier access to corporate data from smartphones and tablets
  • Data is encrypted when sent, received or stored on the device
  • Strict separation of corporate and personal data
  • Full control of corporate information without infringing employees’ personal data


Corporate applications and data are stored in a separate area (container) on a smartphone or tablet. The container is an authenticated and encrypted area and prevents the copying of corporate data onto mobile devices. Sensitive data sent from or received by the device is efficiently monitored and cannot be manipulated.

MailZen’s mobile workplace container ensures complete separation of business and personal data + applications:

  • + Certificate based encryption
    + Secure communication with TLS
    + True end-to-end email encryption with S/MIME
    + Integrity check and jailbreak detection
    + Remote locking or wiping of the app
    + Central management via the MAM portal
    + Granular control to ensure the right access to the right application for the right user.


MailZen is easily deployed and managed by the IT department. The MailZen Management Portal enables administrators to define the security rules in the MailZen app. Access rules are defined through the MailZen Gateway which also offers the possibility to remotely wipe the MailZen container.

MailZen is device and operating system independent making it very easy to deploy. When required, a new client is easily pushed to a new device in just a few minutes.

  • IT administrators only need to manage the app, not the device.

  • Granular access control rights.

  • Remote wipe or block in the event of a security concern.

  • Security rules for all devices using MailZen.

  • Easily add users manually or with LDAP import.

  • Optional self-service portal where users can manage their own devices and easily transfer S/MIME certificates to mobile devices.

Seamless Integration

MrailZen can easily integrate into the current corporate infastructure – with or without Mobile Device Management (MDM), enabling complete control of company data regardless of who owns the device or if the device is lost or stolen.

  • MailZen Gateway

    The MailZen Gateway ensures the connection of the MailZen app with the existing infrastructure.
    The security relies on certificate-based authentication and does not require a VPN infrastructure, nor VPN profiles for mobile devices. The MailZen Gateway software appliance is installed inside the company’s DMZ. In the firewall, a specific port must be opened for outside access from the MailZen app. The gateway checks the user’s identity and allows access to verified users only.

  • Full flexibility

    MailZen seamlessly integrates into any infrastructure, whether it is an on-premises installation, hybrid or fully cloud. MailZen provides the possibility to easily export the current configuration and import to the new infrastructure, making it the ideal solution for companies who are considering migration to cloud in the near future.

  • Integration of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

    Connect an existing PKI within the MailZen Management Portal in case an Active Directory Certificate Service is in place. Certificates (public keys) are issued by LDAP/AD.
    The build-in Auto-PKI feature provides the core functionalities of a PKI to companies that do not have an own PKI including

    + Upload and delete certificates
    + Provide licenses directly from the portal
    + Provide users’ personal licences
    + Access certificate revocation lists
    + Supply email recipients’ public keys

Easy to use

The intuitive icons allows swift navigation between daily business operations. MailZen is the perfect tool to easily manage the daily office work using only a mobile device and one single app. Due to the native experience the user is instantly familiar with the app and does not need further training.

At the same time, users using their personal device for office work are assured that the IT administrator can only control the secure container and has NO ACCESS to the private information and apps stored on the mobile device.


Designed for secure O365

Organisations using Office 365 with Exchange Online have the challenge that they cannot control the apps employees use to access corporate data. Unless rules are applied by the IT department, users can easily access Exchange Online via their mobile device. To access corporate email, they only need to install their preferred email app, enter their email address and password. Organisations have no control which may lead to unauthorised access.

The MailZen container app encrypts and separates private from corporate data and seamlessly integrates with Exchange Online. Simply change the setting in the Exchange Admin console to only allow the MailZen app to access Exchange online and the corporate data on OneDrive or SharePoint.

No other app, not even the native e-mail app, can get access to Exchange Online, assuring full control over internal data. No additional features, Office 365 licences or other settings are required, no changes to the infrastructure or to the mobile device. MailZen ads strong security to O365 users.

Enterprise Mobility

MailZen consists of three components:

MailZen App

MailZen does not require managing multiple applications or the device itself. It stores the corporate data such as e-mails, contacts and documents into the encrypted container, keeping the corporate data separated from personal apps and data. Emails are encrypted by using S/MIME. The app is easily configured and rolled out via the MailZen Management Portal.


MailZen App

MailZen does not require managing multiple applications or the device itself. It stores the corporate data such as e-mails, contacts and documents into the encrypted container, keeping the corporate data separated from personal apps and data. Emails are encrypted by using S/MIME. The app is easily configured and rolled out via the MailZen Management Portal.


MailZen Gateway

With the MailZen Gateway you can grant access to internal resources via the MailZen App. It works similar to VPN solutions, but without the complexity. There is no need for a VPN infrastructure and certificate distribution on mobile devices. The MailZen Gateway secures the access to the company‘s infrastructure and ensures that users can only access the ressources that are assigned to them.

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