MailZen - Containerized PIM and company data

MailZen - Mobile data security

MailZen provides secure communication and access to corporate data on iOS and Android™ smartphones or tablets. It enables employees to work remotely, access business-critical data and connect to the corporate network without any security
or privacy concerns. It creates a secure container on mobile devices and all data stored within the container is encrypted. The user’s private key or a key generated within the app is used for encryption.

Reliable Security

The future belongs to the container technology. Corporate applications and data are stored on the smartphone or tablet in a separate, secure Container app. Sensitive data sent from or received by the device is efficiently monitored and cannot be manipulated. No further security measures are needed.

Intuitive Use

The intuitive approach makes MailZen easy to use. Complex encryption processes are automatically performed in the background without impacting the user performance. Due to the native experience the user is instantly familiar with the app and does not need further training.

Easy Implementation and management

MailZen is easily deployed and managed by the IT department. The MailZen Management Portal enables administrators to define the security rules in the MailZen app. Access rules are defined through the MailZen Gateway which also offers the possibility to remotely wipe the MailZen container.

MailZen features

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Browser
  • Camera
  • Scanner
MailZen is available for iOS and Android


MailZen provides a user-friendly solution that can be applied in both COPE and BYOD settings. It enables employees to access business critical data and applications using their mobile device. All corporate data is encrypted and placed in the secure container. No additional applications or solutions are required. Employees can securely access emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, documents, a browser and the camera through the container app while protecting their privacy.

More benefits

  • Easy configuration and deployment, regardless the company infrastructure
  • Support both BYOD and COPE policies
  • Easier access to corporate data from smartphones and tablets
  • Data is encrypted when sent, received or stored on the device
  • Strict separation of corporate and personal data
  • Full control of corporate information without infringing employees’ personal data

MailZen; designed for secure O365

Organisations using Office 365 with Exchange Online have the challenge that they cannot control the apps employees use to access corporate data. Unless rules are applied by the IT department, users can easily access Exchange Online via their mobile device. To access corporate email, they only need to install their preferred email app, enter their email address and password. Organisations have no control which may lead to unauthorised access.

The MailZen container app encrypts and separates private from corporate data and seamlessly integrates with Exchange Online. Simply change the setting in the Exchange Admin console to only allow the MailZen app to access Exchange online and the corporate data on OneDrive or SharePoint.

No other app, not even the native e-mail app, can get access to Exchange Online, assuring full control over internal data. No additional features, Office 365 licences or other settings are required, no changes to the infrastructure or to the mobile device. MailZen ads strong security to O365 users. Read more…


MailZen, no Mobile Device Management

More stringent legislation and regulations as well as the growing number of cyber-attacks forces organisations to think about securing the corporate data on mobile devices. Doing so, organisations can choose from two options:

  • Use Mobile Device Management
  • Secure only the corporate data on the mobile device

MailZen does not require managing multiple applications or the device itself. It stores the corporate data such as e-mails, contacts and documents into the encrypted container, keeping the corporate data separated from personal apps and data. Emails are encrypted by using S/MIME. The app is easily configured and rolled out via the MailZen Management Portal.

MailZen consists of three components:

    • MailZen App
    • MailZen Management Portal
    • MailZen Gateway
Advantages of not needing MDM
  • MailZen stores e-mails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, documents, pictures and intranet on mobile devices (iOS and Android) in the encrypted container
  • Corporate data is kept strictly separate from the remaining personal apps and data
  • MailZen uses S/MIME encryption for e-mails
  • The MailZen Management Portal offers extensive settings for security rules and access rights. It also offers the identification of compromised devices and possibility to block or fully delete the container
  • The MailZen gateway creates a secure tunnel to the corporate infrastructure, without VPN profiles or MDM configurations ensuring secure and controlled access
  • MailZen offers end-to-end encryption and easily adapts to different infrastructures
MailZen and GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to harmonize the rules concerning the processing of personal data by private and public organisations in the EU. The regulation includes documentation and information obligations and the principle of data minimization. What do IT departments need to do in order to be compliant?

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