Scale-up remote working – without sacrificing security


Instant, secure access to your network, applications and data — from home PCs and Macs

G/On is an integrated, secure remote access solution, providing a safe environment for remote workers. It features two-factor authentication, authorisation, data encryption, network protection and secure application access. G/On makes it simple to implement, manage and control access to company data and applications.


No need for a VPN

G/On replaces your VPN connections with a software-defined perimeter. Operating on a zero-trust basis, G/On only allows verified users in and completely separates your network from the outside world.


Truly mobile

Launch the G/On-client from any unmanaged, private Windows or Mac computer – regardless of location. Everything users need for secure remote working is on a single USB-key, with a mobility smartcard inside. Single-sign-on is standard.

ico_quick_Easy to use

Easy to use

G/On is easy to use and fast to get started. No need for technical knowledge or any changes to the computer configuration. After logging in, users have immediate and secure access to their applications. Simple.

Scalable without complexity

Scaling remote access solutions is typically costly and time-consuming. Solutions rely on multiple products, working together to make remote connections secure. This complexity means most remote access solutions do not scale well.

G/On is different. It’s quick to install and provides everything users need to access company resources securely. G/On has built-in features for redundancy and load balancing, which means organisations can scale up home working in minutes, rather than weeks.

  • Add extra gateways in minutes
  • Built-in load balancing and redundancy
  • Field enrolment for fast user onboarding

Central management console

G/On provides full control over settings, users and usage. IT admins can control application access, prevent copy/paste/downloads and allow file downloads in a dedicated secure environment.


Strong two-factor authentication

Remove the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks with mutual strong two-factor authentication – the client authenticates the server, and the server authenticates the client.


Access based on permission rules

Users have application access based on permission rules or Active Directory group membership. No need to remember URLs or other information to access applications.

Unlock scalable, secure remote working without compromise. Start your G/On journey today.

Product details

G/On is Easy to Use
But there’s no need to figure it out all on your own.

Service Desk Support

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System status

Real-time updates and historical data on system performance



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If you’re concerned about remote access, cybercrime, or VPN user frustration, get in touch to find out more about G/On.
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