Simple, secure file transfer

Sending files securely can be challenging. Data volumes are growing each year and sensitive company data needs to be transferred securely. FileZen helps businesses overcome problems of sharing data between employees and customers. The dedicated secure appliance allows your business to retain complete control of your data, and transfers large files quickly and easily.

Simple, web-based management

The simple point-and-click web interface allows authorised users to send and receive files quickly and easily.

  • FileZen enables to share a single file, or a complete folder according to user’s specific requirements
  • Every function can be accessed via a simple Web GUI, allowing fast, easy sharing of data
  • Integrate with external user management systems for additional security control

Total visibility for added security

By avoiding traditional transfer methods like email and USB drives, FileZen ensures nothing is lost, mislaid, stolen or accessed without the correct permissions.

  • Full audit capabilities allow you to monitor data being shared and the people involved
  • Fine control of shared file access ensures only authorised parties can access your data
  • Support for external authentication systems adds a further layer of security
  • Define file retention periods to limit access

Flexible deployment options

FileZen provides a secure file repository, simplifying data sharing between you and your customers, or project team members, without opening the network to the Internet.

  • FileZenMail function emails secure links to securely stored files, avoiding file size limitations and content filtering restrictions
  • Build Project sharing folders that control access and management permissions for your users
FileZen Project and Filezen Mail
FileZen consists of FileZen Project and FileZen Mail. Use FileZen in your project team to transfer files securely and easily amongst team members inside or outside your company and easily manage access levels for each team member.

FileZen Mail is for individuals and can be used to transfer big files securely and easily from outside your company by providing a receiving and uploading URL. It is also easy to set and manage the conditions for secure file transfer, such as adapting the password, the downloading period or the numbers of files that can be downloaded.

Manage and configure all settings of FileZen via your browser without special IT knowledge

Use FileZen for high-security online storage

Record and track exactly when an important file has been sent

Share large files safely internally or with other companies

Easily manage access levels of files for team members

Adapt conditions for file transfer easily

Reduce pressure on mail servers; users no longer have to send e-mails containing large files


*1 License is required
*2 Using CIFS for main storage is not recommendable

*1 License is required.
*2 Using CIFS for main storage is nor recommendable
*3 Virtual appliance uses 1TB of disk space as internal storage.
Please use external storage when more than 1TB storage is necessary.


Platform: iOS
Operating system version: 13.3-13.1 / 12.4-12.0 / 11.4-11.0
Platform: Android
Operating system version: 10.0 / 9.0 / 8.1-8.0 / 7.1-7.0 / 6.0

Download information FileZen Mobile


Application can be downloaded from App Store


Application can be downloaded from Google Play

1. Use FileZen for sending and receiving files

Sending files

  • All you have to do is specify the recipient’s e-mail address and upload files to FileZen via MailAddrBin, our tool for transferring files to individuals.
  • FileZen then automatically creates a temporary URL for downloading and informs the recipient by e-mail.
  • The sender can then adapt the terms for downloading like the password, the downloading period or the numbers of files that can be downloaded.


Receiving files

  • To download the files, just click on the URL in the e-mail and the downloading screen will pop up automatically.
  • The sender will then receive e-mail that the files have been downloaded.
2. Use FileZen for receiving large files incidentally

Receive large files from other companies by sending them a URL for uploading the files. After they have uploaded the file, just log in to your FileZen account to download the file.

3. Use FileZen for sharing data in a group

An administrator configures a sharing folder. Teams can then easily share data with several other registered team members, by determining the authority access level of each team member. Authorized members can upload, download, delete, create or view new folders or modify depending on their access level. Team members can never perform unauthorized operations.

4. Use FileZen for sending confidential files

FileZen is not just a large file transfer. It has several security features, which makes FileZen very suitable for sending confidential files. Users can:

  • Set a password to download a file
  • Set up approval of workflows so that no unauthorized activities can take place
  • Log and archive all activities on FileZen
  • Use client certificate authentication
  • Create an encrypted connection via SSL communication
  • Use Antivirus and PDF protection within FileZen
5. Use FileZen’s Management features

FileZen is easy to manage and has rich management features. With FileZen users can:

  • Do other authentication system coordination
  • Add Batch registration
  • Configure quota for up- en downloading files per-user


FileZen has:

  • Redundancy so files are completely safe
  • A resume feature for uploading a large file
  • Supports the IPv6 protocol
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