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H.265/HEVC Real Time Encoder

Soliton manufactures an embedded real time H.265 PCI card that can be utilised in an OEM environment for streaming H.265 video environments.

H.265 encoding in Real Time has benefits for broadcasting

H.265/HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) is a video encoding format for the next generation after H264, which has been approved as an international standard of ITU-T. The most significant feature of the encoder is its high compression efficiency. With a much lower bit rate, like with ¼ of MPEG-2 case or ½ of H.264, the H265 encoder can generate the same quality of images as those legacy encoders, but with a relatively low latency and at lower data rates.

In addition, the encoder handles all major processes within one dedicated FPGA chip set, which results in a compact form factor and remarkable power savings.


Form Factor: Pcle low profile FPGA board
Input: HDMI
Output: Pcle x8
Operatiing system: Windows7
Image Size: 1920×1080/30fps
Video encoing format: H.265/HEVC
Profile/ Level: Main profile/for level 1-4

Key features

  • Real time video distribution is realized on Windows PC equipped with the H.265 encoder board.
  •  A single FPGA can process all H.265 encoding, which to date was impossible with a microcomputer.
  • A compact encoder box can be made combining with a small form factor mother board.
  •  Low power consumption is achieved by using an FPGA.
  • Decoder software is provided along with control software in a SDK kit.



  • High quality video at small data size.  Ideal for distribution of videos to/ from mobile devices.
  • High quality video transmission even at low bit rate.
  • Highly compressed data. Ideal for sending videos into multiple channels simultaneously

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