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STC HD View is decoding software that allows operators to view up to 4 incoming H.265 video streams over the internet and decodes the streams back to the original SDI format. Located at the receiving station, STC HD View software can also record incoming streams as local files that can be stored, viewed and decoded later.


Decoder, Remote management & two-way audio

Operating on a Windows 7 platform, HD View decodes the incoming H265 stream from the Zao as well as allowing remote management of the Smart-telecaster ZAO.  Remote management includes the configuration of latency, bit rate and resolution type. It also allows 2-way audio communication (IFB) back to the camera operators in the field. The STC for ML CAM iPhone app can also stream live video direct to the HD-View software over the internet creating an HD-SDI output from the iPhone app.  The Windows server is equipped with a Blackmagic Decklink card, or Soliton’s own Crystal Board card, to provide HD-SDI out of the server. The decoder can also output RTMP (IP streaming) that can be used to livestream video to social media platfoms such as YouTube, Facebook and other streaming media platforms.

Key specifications of STC HD View

Video Codec

VP8, H.265

Connectable with

Smart-telecaster ZAO, ZAO-S, STC for ML CAM


240msec ~ 30000msec

Operating system

Windows 7 / Windows 10 Professional,


Runs on standard Windows Server software.


Intel Xeon


16GB+ (4 slot parallel use)

External output

Black Magic Design Deck link Quad (4 output) by SDI or HD-SDI

RTMP (IP) Streaming

Video Board

Max 4ch HD-SDI (Embedded Audio), _Ref-in tested with
BMD Deck link Quad

Key features STC HD View

  • Real time decoding of video and audio streams coming in
  • 2-way audio: enabling live interviews between reporter at the scene and newscaster in the studio, all with very low latency.
  • Set up and change bonding modems and encode parameters remotely
  • Configure Smart-telecaster ZAO remotely
  • HD-SDI / HDMI output
  • RTMP (IP) Streaming output

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