Secure access to your enterprise network

SecureBrowser (SSB) & SecureGateway (SSG)

Preventing data leakage is challenging for many companies. The fast growth of cloud services and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has increased this risk even further. With Soliton SecureBrowser and Soliton SecureGateway, corporate web-based applications can be accessed securely without running the risk of data theft.

Secure access to your enterprise network

Why companies use SSB and SSG

SSB and SSG is meant for companies that:

  • Want to arrange secure access not just from smart devices but also from other devices like Windows based PC’s and Mac OS based PC’s
  • Would like to provide remote access to the corporate network but worry about data leakage. The fast growth of BYOD has made this even harder to control
  • That only want authorized users and devices to access their corporate network and would like to prevent unauthorized access
  • Want to give their employees access to cloud services but want to prevent unauthorized access to those cloud services

Key specifications of Soliton SecureBrowser

Platform: Windows
Operating system version: Windows 10 /Windows 8.1 (Except RT)/ Windows 7SP1

Platform: Mac OS
Operating system version: “10.12x” “10.11.x” “10.10.x” “10.9x” “10.8x”

Platform: iOS
Operating system version: 10.2/10.1-10.0/9.3-9.0/8.4-8.0

Platform: Android
Operating system version: 7.0/6.0/5.1-5.0/4.4-4.1 

Main specifications of Soliton SecureGateway

Model number

Number of users

Supported authentication

Confirmation of certificate revocation
CRL (obtaining HTTP)

Log output
Local, Syslog

Network interface
10/100/1000BASE-T(X) Automatic recognition & Auto-MDI-X x4 ports 

Chassis shape
EIA19 inches rack-mount type

External dimensions
Width x Height x Depth: 443mm x 44mm x 407mm


Power source
90-264Vac, 47-63Hz (Supporting 90-135Vac only)

Maximum power consumption

Heating value
365 BTU/h, 92kcal, 107W

Operating environment
Temperature: 0〜40℃/32-104°F
Humidity: 10〜90% RH, Non-condensing

Adaption standards
VCCI (Class A), FCC (Class A), CE, UL, RoHS, PSE

*Subscription License is required separately.

Key features Soliton SecureBrowser (SSB) & Soliton SecureGateway (SSG)

  • Multiple devices are supported
  • SSB offers safe Internet access with sandboxed browsing. When users shut down the browser, all browser data on their device will automatically be deleted completely
  • Certificate-based user and device authentication preventing access from unauthorized devices
  • Safe access to cloud applications by creating one access route to the enterprise application in the cloud

This is how SSB and SSG works

This is how SSB and SSG works
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