NetAttest EPS appliance for network access control keeps your network safe

NetAttest EPS

Keeping the company network safe from unauthorized users requires sophisticated network access control. Authorized users and devices should be able to connect without problems and unauthorized users should be blocked out. NetAttest EPS developed by Soliton Systems is an all in one appliance that can work as an authentication server, not only for users connecting to the LAN but also for users connecting via VPN or via Android smartphones or iPhones.

How NetAttest EPS   protects your network

Secure access to your enterprise network

Why companies use NetAttest EPS

Companies use NetAttest EPS to:

  1. Build a high-level network authentication environment
    Build a high-level network authentication environment quickly. NetAttest EPS is easy to operate and requires no special IT knowledge.
  2. Increase the network security of the company network
    Increase network security at low costs with this all in one appliance.
  3. Issue and manage digital certificates
    Issue and manage digital certificates for authorized users.
  4. Introduce a one-time password
    Introduce a one-time password, which makes the network not vulnerable to replay attacks.
  5. Use an existing user database for authentication
    Existing users can easily be authenticated with NetAttest EPS.
  6. Add smart devices to the company network
    Easily introduce and manage smart devices to the company network.
  7. Use the RADIUS client/server protocol
    NetAttest EPS supports various RADIUS authentications. It supports PAP/CHAP, which is used for IEEE802.1X or remote access.
  8. Limit network access
    With NetAttest EPS you can easily deploy a network access policy based on user, location and time.
  9. Want to have extensive backup/restore features
    Copy a backup file to a specified FTP server periodically. When NetAttest EPS fails, the backup file can be restored within 10 minutes.

Key specifications NetAttest EPS

Model EPS-DX04-A/ EPS-ST05-A/ EPS-SX15-A

Model EPS-DX04-V/ EPS-ST05-V/ EPS-SX15-V

For full overview of the technical specification please download here

Key features NetAttest EPS

  • Robust and stable hardware. Failure rate is less than 1%
  • Authentication system that is easy to set up and operate without special IT knowledge
  • Dedicated authentication appliance supporting various authentication protocols
  • NetAttest EPS has extensive backup/restore features
  • Redundancy features always guarantee high network availability
  • Various authentication methods are supported (MAC address, one-time password)

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