One app for secure mobile access to all business data and applications

SecureContainer – DME

Soliton SecureContainer – DME provides complete and secure separation of business and personal data on a mobile device. And direct access to the daily office environment and applications, regardless of time and location, online and offline. It enables organisations to deliver business mobility services to employees without the need to manage and control mobile devices, thereby increasing security.

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A secure mobile workspace

With Soliton SecureContainer – DME installed a secure company area is created on the mobile device and/or tablet. Business data only runs in the encrypted container and users will appreciate the ease of use and the fact that the administrator can only control the secure container, not their private apps.

Users have direct access to their most critical and often used office tools with the same rich user experience as with their native email and calendar. Viewing and editing of files, access to email and calendar and other business applications are all realized in the encrypted container. Users only need to open the app and log in using their corporate directory password, fingerprint or swipe pattern.

Total security provided by Soliton SecureContainer – DME

  • Complete separation of business and personal data, no data leakage
  • Sign-on once using AD, LDAP password
  • Certificate based device authentication
  • Remote wipe container only or wipe full device
  • Built-in per-app connectivity using HTTPS
  • Edit docs within the SecureContainer
  • On-premise server without use of Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Emails are all encrypted in the SecureContainer


  • Add extra security by using 2-Factor Authentication through client signing
  • All business applications and data are kept within the encrypted container
  • Equip users with tools to manage their mobile device; reset of password, wipe data or lock a misplaced, stolen or lost device.
  • Add the optional AppBox or Soliton SecureBrowser for secure browsing on the Internet.


  • Have total visibility and full control of the corporate, shared and personally owned mobile devices.
  • Enforce separate policies for different user group
  • Manage the secure container or the MDM settings of the business owned device
  • Detect rooted or jailbroken devices


  • Does not require any MDM solution (but can work together with MDM)
  • Manage a single app, not an entire device.
  • Device and operating system independent making it very easy to deploy and manage the client without compromising on the data and application security
  • Easily push a new client  to a new device in just a few minutes

Soliton SecureContainer – DME 5.0 delivers your daily business in one single app with a consistent interface across all mobile devices. Soliton SecureContainer – DME 5.0 truly is 1 client regardless the operating system of the mobile device.

Soliton SecureContainer — DME

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